How to Enroll/Participate in IKE

Step 1

Enroll in IKE

To register for IKE simply submit your name and PSU ID number to
You will then be added to the IKE community in Canvas. This will be where you will submit the required documents upon completion of different activities or classes.

Step 2

Work towards completing two of the three components of IKE

You must complete two of three components. The components are study abroad, academic course work, and co-curricular activities and events. For more information on what is required for each return to main page.

For each co-curricular activity you will submit a short essay describing the activity and your experience. 

For each class, you will submit a course report or language report outlining the semester of completion and the grade that you received.

Step 3

Complete the program

Once you believe you have completed the program, submit the IKE Completion Form through Canvas. 
Students who complete the academic component will receive a notation on their transcript. 

Step 4

Celebrate completion

IKE graduates will be honored at the International Banquet held at the end of each semester.