W-2 Information

W-2 forms for the calendar year will be available electronically through the State of Kansas Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal.  This option allows employees to securely receive your W-2 electronically and save or print from your own computer. 

Employees that consented to receive the W-2 electronically last year will still have that consent in effect.  Employees that would like to add electronic consent must log on to the ESS Portal and consent to receive this information electronically.  This option will mean that you will not receive a printed W-2 form.  You can withdraw this option at any time.  Full instructions are found below for assistance in using the ESS portal.

Employees, who do not access the portal or do not consent to receiving the electronic W-2 form, will receive a traditional paper form.  The forms are scheduled to be printed and mailed by the State of Kansas by January 31st.  Make sure your current address is up to date in GUS HR. Refer to the appropriate Job Aid if you need assistance in updating your address.

Steps to Consent for Access to Electronic W-2 Forms in Employee Self Service (ESS)

If you have not yet consented to receive your W-2 information electronically through ESS, it is as easy as 1-2-3…just follow the steps below. You only need to consent once and your consent remains in effect until it is withdrawn, or upon retirement, termination or death. Your W-2 form (and up to 5 years of prior W-2 forms) will be available immediately in ESS once you complete the consent!


Steps to Access Your W-2 On-Line in Employee Self Service:

1) Use your State of Kansas Employee ID and Password to sign in to Kansas Employee Self Service via the KS Employee Self Service Center at https://admin.ks.gov/offices/personnel-services/employees/employee-self-service


  • Use the "Forgot Your Password?" link if you have forgotten your password

  • Your State of Kansas Employee ID consists of a letter followed by a ten-digit number (i.e. K1234567890) 
    • How to find your SOK Employee Number:

      Login to GUS Cloud > Others > My Dashboard > My GUS HR Information > State of Kansas Employee Number. If the Report does not work for you, email payroll@pittstate.edu with your name, ID number, and the name of your supervisor and we can provide that to you.
  • If you are signing in to ESS for the very first time, contact your agency HR representative for information on the password schema to be used for the initial log in. Upon signing in for the first time, select the ‘My System Profile’ tile to update your password, set up a security question for forgotten password help, update your ESS E-mail Address (this is the address to which ESS notifications/confirmations will be sent), and click Save.
    • If you are still having difficulty signing in, contact the State Employee Self Service help desk at 1-866-999-3001

  • Security Reminder! Beware of fraudulent/suspicious e-mails that ask you to click a link and provide your sign-on information to ‘confirm’ or ‘update’ your information even if it appears to be from a familiar sender. If in doubt, contact the sender directly before taking any action when an e-mail instructs you to click a link and provide information.

2) Click on W-2: Consent, Reissue, Forms tile to view the consent form. If you agree, Click on the checkbox to indicate your consent. Submit and confirm by typing in your ESS password (do not use copy/paste) and clicking continue and OK.


  • If you are experiencing issues in a particular web browser such as Internet Explorer, try a different web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Agency IT staff can to assist with internet browser compatibility issues.

  • For assistance with other issues you may call the Help Desk at 1-866-999-3001.

3) Click on View W-2/W-2C Forms link in the ESS W-2 Menu. Click on the Year End Form link to view/print your W-2. Click on View a Different Tax Year link to view/print W-2s for earlier years.


  • If you are unable to view your W-2 form after successfully completing your consent, ensure that the pop-up blocker is turned off for your web browser and verify that the ‘Preferred’ e-mail address stored in the payroll system for your account is valid. To verify, click on the View Personal Information tile in ESS and click on the Contact Details menu. If the e-mail address marked ‘Preferred’ contains any errors (spaces, extra period, etc.) it will prevent you from viewing your W-2 form. Contact your agency human resource office to correct this address in the SHARP system. If the e-mail address appears to be correct and you are unable to view your W-2 form after consenting, please contact the Help Desk at 1-866-999-3001.

After consenting, employees can view, print, or download their W-2 electronically, any time ESS is open, to get the information needed to file tax returns or complete financial aid/loan applications.

The electronic W-2 form available through ESS contains the exact same information as a standard W-2 and can be printed on an 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper. Employees may receive multiple pages of W-2 information in a year if there is not room for all information on a single W-2 form. Agency e-mail security standards require a W-2 sent as an e-mail attachment to be sent securely.

By consenting to receive your W-2 electronically you are saving time and resources - THANKS! Please note, printed W-2 forms, generated only for employees who do not consent to receive their W-2 information electronically in ESS, will be mailed in late January in accordance with IRS regulations.