The employee must have GUS (Gorilla User System) access and an email account. To log in to GUS, you must have a GUS Login ID (usually your employee ID number) and a GusPIN or password.

Information about GUS, and a GusPIN can be found by logging on to the Pittsburg State University home page at  www.pittstate.edu; click on "GUS" at the top right corner and then "Give me more information about GUS".

  1. From the Home Page click on "GUS" in the top right corner; enter your GUS Login ID and GusPIN or Password; click "Click here to login securely" and follow the instructions.
  2. Once you are logged into GUS, click on "Authorize Release of University Records (E-Proxy)"  on the left side of the page.
  3. Next select "Add/Edit/Revoke Access" - A box will appear in the middle of the next page with the message "No records found. Click Add to begin."  Click "Add" on the lower right corner of the box.
  4. On Page 1, check the box "Release your employee pay stubs" and then click "Next".
  5. On Page 2, fill in all of the boxes with the information about the person you are granting access to. Type in their Name and Email, choose a Relationship choice, and enter a date that you want the access extended through.  The "Keyword" box is very important.  You will give your designee the keyword so he/she can set up their access to your information.  You should make it something easy to remember because there is no way to retrieve it once you have completed the access process. Click "Done".
  6. This brings you back to the first page (Authorize Release of University Records (eProxy) Add/Edit/Revoke Access) then click on "Finalize".
  7. The final screen appears with the message "Authorize Release of University Records (eProxy) Your changes have been officially saved." Click "OK".


The designee (the person access is being granted to) must have GUS access (details below) and an email account .

  1. Log into your email account.  A message should appear from the employee saying "Pittsburg State University eProxy Access: You have been granted access by Employee's Name.
  2. The message will show that you have been granted eProxy access.  On the lower half of the page is the statement "To setup your eProxy Access, please visit:"  Click on the link.
    1. If you know you have a GUS account and can recall your login credentials, click "Login to GUS Account".
    2. If you assume you have a GUS account, but have forgotten your login credentials, click "Help with GUS Account".
    3. If you need to create a GUS Account, click "Create GUS Account."
  3. Once you are logged into GUS, it will ask for a keyword-you must get this from the person giving you access.  Enter the keyword and click "Continue".
  4. You will get a "Successfully gained access" message.  Click "OK".
  5. The next screen is labeled "View Records" and "FAQ".  Click on "View Records".
    1. Click on the icon for "Pay Stubs".
    2. You will be able to view the employee's pay stub by pay date.
    3. You can use your browser's "back" button to return to the "Pay Stub Information" screen to view other pay stubs or year to date information.
  6. When you are finished, just click on "Quit Gus", or close your browser.
  7. To log in the next time, go to the www.pittstate.edu home page, select "Login"," GUS", and the option to "eProxy Access" will be listed on the left column of the page.  Simply click on the Electronic Pay Stub option and choose a pay stub to view.