General Information

All PSU employees must sign up for direct deposit, or electronic fund transfer (EFT), of paychecks.

To participate in EFT, an employee must have an account at a United States bank, savings and loan association or credit union which is a member of the automated clearing house (ACH) association. Most financial institutions are members of the ACH.

Paycheck moneys received via EFT should be available on the Friday payday. If Friday is a designated holiday, pay will be available on the first preceding work day.

Employees will be allowed to have direct deposits made to multiple financial institutions and multiple accounts. An employee may designate up to 6 financial institutions with 10 different accounts.

If an employee is set up for EFT, all payments issued to the employee will be via EFT, including regular paychecks, supplemental paychecks, and paychecks with court-ordered withholdings.

Questions and Answers About Payroll Direct Deposit