Dan Bikes Kansas set to kick off on Monday

Fans will bid President Dan Shipp farewell Monday morning as he departs shortly after 9 a.m. from Champion’s Plaza east of Carnie Smith Stadium for his 12-day trip, “Dan Bikes Kansas!" 

He’ll be heading toward Fort Scott via county roads with a sag wagon; joining him on the first few miles of the journey will be Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce President Blake Benson, who also happens to be a member of the Kansas Board of Regents. 

For the duration of the trip, others with a Pitt State connection plan to join him here and there to ride a few miles along the route as he crisscrosses Kansas. 

His goals:  

  • • To meet Gorillas across the state. 
  • • To secure funding for scholarships and the student living and learning experience at Pitt State. 
  • • He and his caravan will stop in cities along the way and will host alumni, donors, potential students and partners including community college presidents, and other fans at evening events. 

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep the cost of coming to Pitt State affordable for our students and their families,” he said. 

“Just as importantly, I hope to hear from Kansans about the need for what we do at Pitt State — their expectations of higher education,” he said. “What families and students are thinking, what hardships they face, and what things they’re hopeful for.” 

Learn more: www.pittstate.edu/danbikesks