New partnership program allows for dual MBA degrees 

Four students from universities in France and Taiwan are earning dual MBA degrees this semester Pittsburg State, thanks to a new partnership program. 

Students in the program divide up their studies and complete one year at their home institution, then complete their last year at Pittsburg State to earn two degrees — one from each institution.  

Pittsburg State both sends and receives students for the program. This semester, PSU was on the receiving end: 

Netty Bathily and Thomas Detony came from La Rochelle International Business School in La Rochelle, France. 

Maxime Gelly came from Montpellier Business School in Montpellier, France. 

Hsiang-Tzu Wang came from National Taipei University of Business in Taipei, Taiwan.  

“I heard about the dual program thanks to the head of international exchange programs for Montpellier Business School,” Gelly said. “What made me want to join it was the opportunity to live the American experience while following a program that would allow me to obtain an additional degree.”  

Participating in the program has several benefits, students said.  

“A program like this allows you to first develop your English skills, get an international degree, or even the opportunity to work in the United States,” Gelly said.  

Detony was one of two students picked from his home university to participate in the program.  

“There are only two students who can do it every year (from La Rochelle) so I was really thankful I was picked,” Detony said. “As I want to stay in the U.S. after I graduate, this was the best deal for me.”  

Such partnerships also are beneficial to participating universities, students said.  

“I think this is also beneficial for PSU,” Gelly said. “International students bring their own experiences and perspectives that are sometimes different from the American culture.”  

The students are enjoying their experience so far, they said. 

“I really enjoy PSU,” Detony said. “The campus is great and there is always stuff to do around, and I love going to athletic events. I also like my classes so far!” 

Photo: Hsiang-Tzu Wang, Maxime Gelly, Netty Bathily, and Thomas Detony 

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