Family and Consumer Sciences Career Planning

What can I do with a degree in Family & Consumer Sciences?  This page was created with that question in mind.   It is also to assist students within the FCS areas to better understand their options and opportunities using their degree. This page will be updated periodically to keep information as current as possible.

What is Family & Consumer Sciences

As described in the FCS mission statement, "all Family and Consumer Sciences programs of study have a common theme. Each, in some way addresses the social, physical and economic well being of individuals and families as they function in their communities at home and around the world. The programs in the department focus on the fundamental building blocks of human existence - food, shelter, clothing, human relationships, commerce and family life."

All have a strong orientation toward service to families and consumers. All offer excellent lifelong opportunities for men and women to grow professionally and make a difference in their world. While certainly not a complete list some of the general professional areas that serve families and consumers are: Family Services, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Merchandising and Retail Management, Marriage and Family Counseling, Family & Consumer Sciences Communications, Product Development and Marketing, Child Development, Hotel Management, Interior Design, Gerontology and Senior Services, Restaurant Management, Fashion and Textile Design, Financial Planning and Counseling, Human Nutrition, Housing, Consumer Affairs, Dietetics, and Furniture & Home Equipment.

Each university program may not address or teach in specialized areas for all or even most of these but most will address the broad range in a variety of ways. Many of these areas can also be pursued as a part of graduate study after starting in FCS at the undergraduate level. (PSU FCS does not have a graduate program)

Family & Consumer Sciences Career-Related Websites

These come from the Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences, Spring 2010, Vol. 102, Issue 2.

The ACT  (www.actstudentorg/wwm/index.html) -  Information on Fashion;Textiles and clothing, Hotel/Motel/Restaurant Management; Food Sciences and Human Nutrition; Family & Consumer Resource Management; Education; Child Development; Interior Design; Human Resources Development.

American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Career Connection  ( - A variety of FCS related available positions accessible for the general public.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook ( - Child Development, Community Services, Education, Family & Consumer Sciences Education, Fashion, Gerontology, Interior Design, Nutrition

CollegeBoard  ( - Categorized by major and career profiles, this site easily identifies FCS as a major category and career profiles include:  Apparel and Textiles; Human Development, Family Studies, and Child Care; Business, Family, and Consumer Sciences; Consumer Economics; Consumer Merchandising; Consumer Services and Advocacy; Facilities Planning and Management; Family and Consumer Sciences Communication;  Family Resource Management; Food Service Systems Administration; Foods, Nutrition and Wellness Studies; Home Furnishings and Equipment Installers; Housing Studies; Human Nutrition; Work and Family Studies.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Career Connections  ( - Targets youth middle school through grade 12, Students are encouraged to explore early their career opportunities in CS related careers.

Kids and Careers in Human Sciences  ( - Certified Financial Planner; Dietetic Technician; Dietitian; Early Childhood Teacher; Cooperative Extension Service Professional; Human Sciences Teacher; Gerontologist; Family Studies Professional; Health and Wellness; Hospitality Management; Interior Designer; Textile Specialist; Consumer Affairs.

Kappa Omicron Nu Career Center  ( - A variety of FCS related career information accessible to the general public.

Monster  ( - Family & Consumer Sciences; Fashion Designer; Education; Interior Designer; Financial Planner; Child Development; Textiles and Apparel; Dietitian; Hospitality.

Retirement  ( - Food and Hospitality; Education and Tutoring; Financial Planning; Fashion; Children's Services; Gerontology.

10 Unusual Majors Can Get You These Jobs  ( - Child Development; Family Relations; Consumer Economics; Personal Finance; Fashion Design and Merchandising; Housing; Nutrition.

Pitt State Library salary-by-major search, and jobs in Kansas:

Explore and Get Recruited with information and job search for careers and internships in Family & Consumer Sciences areas (education, health, wellness, nutrition, etc), where the employers find and reach out to you. Go to Examples are found below. 

  • Health and Wellness Job Search - Jobs in Health and wellness are offered here; it includes related careers, salaries, job descriptions, etc
  • Public Health Nutritionist Job Search - Public Health nutritionist jobs searchable by salary amount, distance, PT/FT, etc *please note* the thousands of jobs available in this up-and-coming industry!
  • Consumer Science Salaries -this resource helps understanding salary searches for students to know more about how their studies relates to their future employment after graduation.

Career Advancement Help

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