University Steak Fry

2022 Annual University Steak Fry

New faculty, unclassified staff, and university support staff receive a complimentary Steak Fry registration. Current faculty and staff, as well as retired faculty and staff may attend for $15 each. Additional guests are also $15 each.

Check back in the Fall for more detailed information!


History of the Steak Fry


According to The Collegio on October 13, 1976, the Annual All-Faculty Steak Fry began in the early 1940s. Prior to 1977, the Steak Fry was organized by the Faculty Men's Picnic Committee. The committee also organized the Trout Bake, a picnic for the men faculty on campus and a summer faculty men's picnic. The Trout Bake was named after Dean G. W. Trout who began the picnic tradition for the men in 1921. In fall 1976, the Faculty Men's Picnic Committee asked the Faculty Association to take over the planning of the Annual Steak Fry the next year.