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The minor in Technological Literacy is available to all appropriate majors and is a cooperative effort between the Colleges of Education and Technology. The minor combines Educational Technology courses with Technology and Engineering Education courses to provide a comprehensive approach to the practical use and implementation of computer skills, design and problem solving skills, and teaming concepts into real world practices and experiences. A focus on STEM education and problem-based learning is featured in the minor.

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The minor in Technological Literacy gives education majors appropriate experience in applied learning so that they’re ready to teach STEM in their future classes. An environment has been created to give students relevant, hands-on learning experiences that can be transformed into their future classrooms. Students have the opportunity to investigate and explore activities; create rich, inquiry-driven lesson plans; and work alongside elementary students and their teachers to gain the confidence and knowledge needed to weave STEM concepts into the classroom. Courses include learning about current topics in technology education, using technology in the classroom, and an overview of technology and engineering concepts – all based in STEM education.

Students completing the Technological Literacy minor leave with the knowledge, skills, and strategies required to enhance their ability as a:

  • Classroom leader in STEM education practices
  • Classroom leader in problem-based and inquiry-driven learning practices
  • Leader in working collaboratively with colleagues and peers

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