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There has never been a more exciting or challenging time to learn more about the field of public health. Our country, our world, our communities face a number of complex, multifaceted health issues, from the Covid-19 pandemic, access to health care, and health disparities among different populations. The study of public health will combine the social sciences, sciences, mathematics, humanities, and the arts. It will serve as a vehicle for the development of written and oral communication skills, critical and creative thinking, teamwork and problem solving. The public health minor focuses on maintaining a healthy society through the control of disease, education about health promotion and disease prevention, and organized efforts to preserve healthy environments. It will incorporate civic knowledge and commitment – locally, nationally and globally and ethical reasoning and action, forming the foundation for lifelong learning for healthier populations and communities.

To complete the Interdisciplinary Public Health Minor, students must complete a total of 21 credit hours from the courses listed below. All the core courses (8-9 credit hours) must be completed with an additional 12-13 hours from the listed electives. No more than 12 hours from the core and electives courses can be used as duel credit toward the major and minor degree.

About Interdisciplinary Programs Department

Combining two or more areas of study, interdisciplinary studies programs give our students more flexibility in choosing their coursework. If you know exactly what you want to do or want to explore how your different interests connect, earn your BIS degree. An interdisciplinary studies degree is the best way to meet your personal and professional goals.

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