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Kansas Technology Center

The Kansas Technology Center provides students with an unparalleled opportunity for hands-on learning and to gain experience in the field of their choice.  This unique learning environment offers thirteen computer labs with approximately 260 workstations and close to 70 technical laboratories for student learning.

The labs throughout the facility feature up-to-date equipment, much of it provided by industry and corporate partners of Pittsburg State University. Approximately $26 million dollars worth of equipment has been secured through donation, equipment loan or purchase.KTC Arial

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From Construction to Present Day

The construction of the Kansas Technology Center (KTC) in 1997 was the realization of dreams more than a decade in the making. Construction began in 1994 and was completed in time for the opening of classes in 1997. With a gross floor of 278,700 square feet, the building is approximately 2 football fields long and 1.5 football fields wide.

Support and contributions from industries have played an important role in making the College of Technology one of the most prestigious technology schools in the nation. Currently, approximately $16 million dollars worth of equipment is placed in the KTC for students to use.

The KTC is designed with three key planning elements: flexibility, transformability, and ease of movement of materials and equipment throughout the facility. Flexibility is critical to the KTC because of the dynamics of technology which are constantly changing. Therefore, the layout of utility systems and room arrangement is designed to be flexible and transformable to address ever changing technological development. Specially designed spaces can also be transferred without compromising the structural integrity of the building. A 10 x 10 utility tunnel runs below the building's hallways. The interior walls in KTC are designed for transformability. The walls separating individual rooms located between hallways can be removed easily when needed.

Ease of movement of materials and equipment design allow the movement of materials and equipment in a fast and efficient way and the floors are designed to accommodate the weight of a fully-loaded forklift. A freight elevator can carry the same quantity to the second floor. Room S102 has an automatic overhead door which can allow a 10-wheeler tractor to be brought into the classroom.

The entire building is a lab for teaching about utility systems, construction, and other technologies. Gridded ceiling panels provide easy access for studying utility systems and large windows allow individuals to observe technology systems from the safety of a hallway.

Having the most updated equipment for students is a critical issue in order to maintain the quality of education. The College of Technology placed 341 online computers in its classrooms. It has false-floor computer labs and 16 labs with computer furniture. Students of the College of Technology can access the internet, complete their assignments, and conduct their research with the most current computers and software. The campus wireless network is available inside the building.

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