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Kids + Robots

Workshop pairs learning with fun

Kids seem to have a natural fascination with robots. For two weeks in July, youngsters from the area have been building their own robots and living out that childhood fantasy.

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Big careers start at Pittsburg State University

Abraham Urasma credits PSU with helping him achieve his dreams

Students find their way to an institution of higher learning through a variety of ways. Some grow up near the university of their choice. Others land a scholarship and relocate to attend.

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Scott Norman

WorldSkills Technical Delegate

A Pittsburg State University automotive technology professor has been honored with an appointment to the leading trade skills competition in the world.

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Zack Waggoner

Graphics and Imaging Technology

Last spring when commercial graphics major Zack Waggoner began thinking about finding an internship, he was focused on how the work would boost his resume and give him important experience before graduation.

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What a hobby!

John Thompson, Automotive Technology, has self-published a coffee table book that shows off his work rebuilding a 1946 Chevy truck, using parts from a salvaged Camero.

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Students work on prototype for NASA

Students in Manufacturing Engineering Technology are spending this fall testing a process that, if approved, could be used in future programs by NASA.

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Frederick and Downing

But for recent graduate Jack Frederick and Automotive Technology Professor Ron Downing, the relationship they've built over the past four years is a great example of just how far a student can go when they connect with the right mentor.

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Technology Camps

Randy Winzer loves the student interaction that comes with his job as a professor of engineering technology. A hands-on field, he's often nearby as students make discoveries about the technology they're creating.

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Kyle Buntin and Jake Knight

Students in construction engineering technology

When Kyle Buntin and Jake Knight chose Pittsburg State to pursue degrees in construction engineering, they learned quickly how access to the right materials and instructors can make all the difference in an education.

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Technology education students add adventure to learning

Technology Education students make learning an adventure for elementary school students.

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