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Researcher, subject meet for the first time

For the past 15 years, Virginia Rider, biology, has known the subject only as "B.H." As she worked in her lab to help unlock some of the mysteries of Lupus, Rider soon came to prize the blood samples she received from "B.H." for her research. Rider finally met "B.H." last week when Brenda Hedrick, of Newton, Kan., arrived with a donation to help support Rider’s research.

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Research Colloquium to be held April 12-14

The PSU Research Colloquium will be held April 12-14 in coordination with National Undergraduate Research Week.

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James McAfee and Irene Zegar

Making advances in groundbreaking cancer cell research, McAfee and Zegar, married chemists who came to PSU in 1997 when they both applied for the same job, have secured multiple scholarships for students and have proudly helped the university with one of its missions: recruiting and retaining diversity.

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Virginia Rider

When Dr. Virginia Rider came to Pittsburg State University eight years ago, she brought with her a resume of awards and recognitions reflecting her exemplary career in science education.

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Roy A. Jensen

Roy Jensen admits that when he graduated from high school in Gardner, Kansas, he, like most his age, “didn’t have much of a clue” about what he wanted to do with his life. Two things were pretty certain, however: He loved playing basketball and he was sure that he didn’t want to become a doctor.

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