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Matt Derfelt

Matt Derfelt (BSN '95) is a flight nurse with St. John's Regional Medical Center's MedFlight air ambulance system in Joplin, Mo.

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John-Michael Watson

Biology Major

Pittsburg State University students come in all sorts, making their mark with a variety of dreams and plans for their futures. But one who stands out from the crowd in a way that impresses even his fellow students is John-Michael Watson, a pre-med major who is part leader, part adventurer – and all Gorilla.

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Brian and Laura Sullivan

2009 Community Campaign Co-Chairs

When it comes to those who credit their college experience for their current success, there are few alumni more enthusiastic than Brian and Laura Sullivan. When the two attended in pursuit of science degrees in the mid-90s, they not only found a great education and preparation for professional school, but they also stumbled into love – and the path that would lead them to becoming successful business owners.

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Venessa Lee

Runner makes strides toward medical career

When coaches recruit potential collegiate athletes, they ask several questions in their search for students who are talented both athletically and academically.

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Roy A. Jensen

Roy Jensen admits that when he graduated from high school in Gardner, Kansas, he, like most his age, “didn’t have much of a clue” about what he wanted to do with his life. Two things were pretty certain, however: He loved playing basketball and he was sure that he didn’t want to become a doctor.

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