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Dr. Rick Lindskog - University Professor, Psychology and Counseling

Dr. Rick Lindskog
One of the nicest things a student has said to me was, ‘You saw my strengths before I did'."
~ Dr. Rick Lindskog

Life has shaped Rick Lindskog and every day, this Psychology and Counseling professor returns the favor for scores of fortunate students.

Lindskog, who oversees PSU's school psychology training program as well as the University Testing Center, exudes a willingness to help and a genuine desire to see his students learn.

Lindskog is an approachable everyman, only better. He has a passion for motorcycles and a free spirit suited for enjoying the ride, which has taken him across the country and has no doubt attributed to his contagious calm.

But he's also a teacher who understands how hard life can be. After a devastating car accident four years ago that took his wife and left him recuperating for months, Lindskog realized some things he doesn't hesitate to share. "When something like that happens, you realize you have to get up every day of your life and define yourself as a person," he said. "I decided to keep living and to do my best with the cards I had to play."

As he keeps living his dream of traveling the world and being a mentor to students in his field, this award-winning professor says he hopes those who are considering a higher education will allow professors like him to move them toward their goals.

"One of the nicest things a student has said to me was, 'You saw my strengths before I did,'" he said. "We pay attention, and we help them capitalize on their strengths. I believe we are very good at helping them meet their potential."