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Student groups - Apex Percussion

Student groups
Percussion is a primal thing."
~ Daniel Warlop, graduate student in music and member of Apex Percussion

There's a student group or club at Pittsburg State to match just about anyone's interest, and if there's not, it's likely that students will start one.

A few years ago, students with a passion for percussion founded Apex Percussion. Today, the 10 or so members get together to learn and perform and just have fun. Recently, they shared their interest with a wider audience in the U-Club.

Daniel Warlop, one of the leaders of the group, said their performance was designed to introduce listeners to some new things.

By the end of the evening, listeners joined the Apex members on stage and the whole room seemed to be participating.

"Percussion is a primal thing," Warlop noted.

Andy Slater, another member of the group, said percussion is a musical form that seems to connect with all listeners of all ages.

"People don't listen to a trumpet concert, for example, and afterward go up to the performer and ask, 'can I play your trumpet,'" Slater said. "But they will ask to try out a rhythm instrument from South America."