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Leigh Murray - College of Business

Leigh Murray
Marketing, accounting, finance, business law - I've used everything I learned at PSU."
~ Leigh Murray, BBA in marketing

While taking courses toward a marketing degree from PSU, alumna Leigh Murray took away plenty of advice from visiting entrepreneurs who spoke about how to start and maintain a successful business.

Over the past 22 years, she's found business ownership fits her well. And it's even better when it helps others.

Murray, who lives in Tulsa, recently opened Garden Glass of Oklahoma, a recycled glass mulch business that's on the cutting edge of sustainability. Popular on the coasts, the glass is made from recycled bottles that are broken and tumbled to smooth out the edges.  It's a better option than wood chip mulch, say experts, because it reduces the risk of termites, doesn't wash away with rainwater, and provides a sustainable alternative.

For Murray, it's not just how it's made, but by whom: the glass chips are produced by clients of Class Ltd., a Southeast Kansas organization that assists the mentally challenged.

"It's functional, beautiful, and lessens the trash impact," said Murray, who also owns a corporate flu shot business. "It makes you feel like you're doing something good."

As for the education she needed to learn how to make an independent business work, she'll never forget the experiences of other alums that showed her the way.

"Everything from marketing, accounting, finance, business law - I've used everything I learned at PSU," she said. "Having the opportunity to go back and work with people I met when I was there has only built on my education."

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