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We want students to know we can answer their questions. We’ve been where they are."
~ Pitt CARES leaders Cyndi Moore and Michael Admire

Nearly 1,000 incoming freshman will go through Pittsburg State's freshman orientation program "Pitt CARES" in June, where they'll learn about college life, enroll in courses, and find out what to expect from life as a PSU student.

And who better to show them than current students who have been in their shoes?

"They're fresh out of high school, so the program gives them a glimpse of what it's going to be like," said Cyndi Moore, a senior elementary education major and three-time Pitt CARES leader. "We address a lot of issues they might encounter, everything from how to get around on campus to how to get along with a roommate."

Eight Pitt CARES sessions will be held this summer, welcoming not only students but also their parents, who go through sessions designed just for them covering campus safety, international travel opportunities for their child, and college affordability.

"It makes our new students aware of all the wonderful resources available to them, and helps their parents make a smooth transition as well," said Jon Bartlow, assistant director of admission.

For Pitt CARES leader Michael Admire, a senior communication major, it's a good feeling knowing he's a face new students can recognize if they need help.

"It's so much fun to be a Pitt CARES leader, I could see that my freshman year and I really wanted to experience it," he said. "We want students to know we can answer their questions. We've been where they are."

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