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Latest Alumni Stories

Crystal Pihl

Recent graduate Crystal Pihl has always had educational interests that reached far beyond her Midwest home. But it wasn’t until she began her education at PSU that the windows of the world truly opened.

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Dr. C.J. Huff

Surrounded by high school seniors who are counting the days until they set off for college, Dr. C.J. Huff can recall his own younger years, when college was the highlight of his life, as well.

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Sunny Pierce

Title IX Memories

One day in middle school my PE teacher told us about legislation called Title IX that would provide opportunities for girls in sports. It seemed like she looked right at me and said that this could change your life forever. My senior year of high school, we had our first girls basketball team. I came to PSU and continued to play.

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Nate Stahl and Bart Arnett

The weather is frigid, the terrain muddy, and the work demanding, but Nate Stahl and Bart Arnett, graduates of Pittsburg State University and superintendents for Crossland Construction, couldn’t be happier.

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Brian and Laura Sullivan

2009 Community Campaign Co-Chairs

When it comes to those who credit their college experience for their current success, there are few alumni more enthusiastic than Brian and Laura Sullivan. When the two attended in pursuit of science degrees in the mid-90s, they not only found a great education and preparation for professional school, but they also stumbled into love – and the path that would lead them to becoming successful business owners.

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Chris Jacquinot

For Dr. Chris Jacquinot, seeing things clearly, both literally and figuratively, can make all the difference in the world – especially when it comes to deciding where to get your college education.

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Heather Horton

It's been years since Heather Horton was challenged by an art professor to create a logo and font for a mock business. But when she worked this year to turn that idea for a bakery into an actual business, this PSU graduate knew those hours spent in class were well worth it.

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Toby Cook

A Perfect Job for a Devoted Fan

Toby Cook (BA ‘90) was seven years old when his dad took him to his first Kansas City Royals baseball game. Through twice-a-year excursions to see the Royals from their home in Independence, Kan., and summer nights listening to games on the radio, Cook became a devoted fan. It's understandable, then, why he finds it almost unbelievable luck that today he works for them.

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Roy A. Jensen

Roy Jensen admits that when he graduated from high school in Gardner, Kansas, he, like most his age, “didn’t have much of a clue” about what he wanted to do with his life. Two things were pretty certain, however: He loved playing basketball and he was sure that he didn’t want to become a doctor.

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