Pitt State News http://www.pittstate.edu/ Pitt State News Broadway tickets for campus, Via Christi employees http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=cffa2446-676b-4303-881e-ec94f4c152d4 Pittsburg State University’s ticket office will hold a special season ticket sale to its upcoming “Best of Broadway” series for full-time students, faculty and staff and Via Christi employees on Friday, August 14. Mon, 27 Jul 2015 10:01:01 CDT cffa2446-676b-4303-881e-ec94f4c152d4 Accounting major, China native interns with Colonial Fox http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=06559145-56b1-43a0-8f5f-195ed3b50a55 Beidi Zhang, an accounting major, has been an intern at the Colonial Fox since April. She is putting her education to use helping develop accounting systems that will benefit the theater for many years to come. Mon, 27 Jul 2015 12:52:32 CDT 06559145-56b1-43a0-8f5f-195ed3b50a55 President Scott joins DI athletics summit http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=fa3da279-58c6-408d-8694-0af93bb5d0f2 Pittsburg State President Steve Scott has been named to a group of college and university leaders who will convene in Indianapolis next month to build the foundation for the future of college sports. Wed, 22 Jul 2015 10:42:23 CDT fa3da279-58c6-408d-8694-0af93bb5d0f2 Broadway comes to Pittsburg State http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=a8ef4b90-7b3a-4c89-b1f4-25e82c5cd87c The Best of Broadway is coming to Pittsburg State University’s Bicknell Family Center for the Arts. Campus and community members gathered at the Bicknell Center, Tuesday, where officials announced that three major Broadway productions are coming to PSU for the 2015-16 season, thanks to the support of Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg. Wed, 22 Jul 2015 14:12:25 CDT a8ef4b90-7b3a-4c89-b1f4-25e82c5cd87c Naccarato honored as top young professional http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=db86efb7-5684-42bd-a059-3373d107f0ba One of the youngest members of the Pittsburg State University leadership team will be among a group of young professionals honored next month for their career success and contributions. Mon, 20 Jul 2015 10:43:30 CDT db86efb7-5684-42bd-a059-3373d107f0ba Students promote health at the Farm Show http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=f152e1d1-332c-448a-b47a-ab0411ff08cf Some of the first people to greet visitors to the Four State Farm Show this weekend are students in PSU’s Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing. Each year at the Farm Show, PSU students share a tent with Via Christi Hospital where they offer free blood pressure checks and information about everything from diabetes to ticks and sunscreen. Fri, 17 Jul 2015 10:02:04 CDT f152e1d1-332c-448a-b47a-ab0411ff08cf Solar panels provide power, education http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=96c178b8-27d3-44a2-9f0d-232f8ab7e49e Workers with Good Energy Solutions from Lawrence labored in the Kansas sun Wednesday on a project to capture some of that intense solar energy for Pittsburg State University’s Robert W. Plaster Center. The project was made possible by a grant from Westar Energy to both supply power and provide an educational opportunity on the PSU campus. Thu, 16 Jul 2015 08:19:25 CDT 96c178b8-27d3-44a2-9f0d-232f8ab7e49e Grant supports planning for research park http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=4fdaeec6-3b73-4c2c-a626-497016e8be72 The U.S. Department of Commerce has announced that Pittsburg State University is the recipient of a $330,000 grant that could lay the groundwork for the development of a science and research park at PSU that will be a “key commercialization point in regional business development.” Mon, 13 Jul 2015 09:06:14 CDT 4fdaeec6-3b73-4c2c-a626-497016e8be72 President talks budget, resources at town hall meeting http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=acaa82e0-b7c9-4f37-a3e9-fe1a4ee2db55 PSU faculty and staff gathered in the Miller Theater on Wednesday, July 8, for an overview of the 2015 legislative session. They were joined by 150 others who viewed the town-hall style meeting live on pittstate.tv. Thu, 09 Jul 2015 14:43:59 CDT acaa82e0-b7c9-4f37-a3e9-fe1a4ee2db55 Auto tech faculty train students for WorldSkills competition http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=2700adde-a3a6-4697-bcc4-ff5a4e572906 As an instructor in Pittsburg State’s College of Technology, Mike Elder is used to training students to succeed in the automotive technology industry. His most recent challenge, however, has taken on an international flavor. Elder and other members of Pitt State’s automotive technology faculty are preparing two students this week to compete in the 43rd WorldSkills Competition, which takes place in mid-August in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mon, 13 Jul 2015 08:46:48 CDT 2700adde-a3a6-4697-bcc4-ff5a4e572906 Summer camps, workshops bring thousands http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=204a7d66-7774-4b5a-b716-6c52c015ee10 In addition to the thousands of students involved in traditional academic pursuits on the Pittsburg State University campus this summer, there are thousands more who may not be earning academic credit, but nevertheless are learning and having fun at the same time. Thu, 09 Jul 2015 14:38:41 CDT 204a7d66-7774-4b5a-b716-6c52c015ee10 Intern shares love of D.C. http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=8249b3cc-d01c-4ded-bb55-273864464ac2 For her summer internship, Lynzee Flores is leading tours of her favorite city, Washington, D.C. Mon, 13 Jul 2015 16:34:57 CDT 8249b3cc-d01c-4ded-bb55-273864464ac2 Boeing internship 'dream come true' http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=03fa915a-5c66-43e8-8311-5da5879a94fc For Pitt State junior Ryan Lechien, a summer internship at Boeing in Seattle, Wash., is a dream come true. Tue, 07 Jul 2015 06:29:08 CDT 03fa915a-5c66-43e8-8311-5da5879a94fc Plastics major interns with Nike in Oregon http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=1748981d-3fee-4210-a586-bcd1cc2bf040 It’s nearly impossible to walk across a college campus without seeing at least one person wearing Nike shoes. This summer, one Pittsburg State student is getting a behind-the-scenes look at how those kicks are made. Tue, 30 Jun 2015 13:57:36 CDT 1748981d-3fee-4210-a586-bcd1cc2bf040 Journal honors Stotts http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=d0ee26c0-a899-48a9-8c29-ea7e239a2ad8 B.B. Stotts, director of graduate and continuing studies at Pittsburg State University, gives much of the credit for her recent selection as one of the Joplin Regional Business Journal’s “Most Influential Women” to the Girl Scouts. Tue, 30 Jun 2015 08:15:37 CDT d0ee26c0-a899-48a9-8c29-ea7e239a2ad8 Personal touch is key to programs’ success http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=5ef0fcb8-bbe4-4090-899a-baa932414a9d Over many years, Pittsburg State University has built a reputation as a reliable pipeline for students entering medical school and other professional programs. A big part of that success can be traced back to the faculty and their commitment to students. Wed, 01 Jul 2015 08:22:41 CDT 5ef0fcb8-bbe4-4090-899a-baa932414a9d PSU hosts Leadership Kansas http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=7946a26a-84d6-46be-a58a-5168c3c8a52f Pittsburg State University and the City of Pittsburg are playing host this week to the 2015 Class of Leadership Kansas (LK). Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:35:30 CDT 7946a26a-84d6-46be-a58a-5168c3c8a52f Saudi students plan public celebration to begin Ramadan http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=ea6309d0-0ded-4d18-b004-fdbe05f9a43f As Muslims around the world prepare to observe the holy month of Ramadan, the Pittsburg State University Saudi Student Association will host a celebration to both begin the observance and introduce the public to this important time on the Islamic lunar calendar. Wed, 24 Jun 2015 15:20:03 CDT ea6309d0-0ded-4d18-b004-fdbe05f9a43f Nature stories come alive http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=8319e750-91e2-4063-b878-89bcfdde707b A small group of 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds listened attentively Wednesday as Delia Lister, director of Pittsburg State University’s Nature Reach Program read a book about creatures that come out only in the night. Wed, 24 Jun 2015 15:25:09 CDT 8319e750-91e2-4063-b878-89bcfdde707b Spirit Squad members 'touch lives' through UCA http://www.pittstate.edu/press-media/detail.dot?id=c843bef9-de88-4b8e-a168-a7128aad8f77 Six members of PSU's Spirit Squad are working with UCA throughout the summer to conduct youth cheer camps across the Midwest. Tue, 23 Jun 2015 12:58:08 CDT c843bef9-de88-4b8e-a168-a7128aad8f77