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Yell Like Hell a big part of Homecoming tradition

October 16, 2012 12:00AM


When PSU students gathered for the first Yell Like Hell about 40 years ago, they couldn’t have known that this fun event would grow to become one of the biggest events of Homecoming Week.

On Thursday, thousands of enthusiastic students and community members will fill Carnie Smith Stadium for this colorful event, which is a pep rally and dance competition among campus groups.

University Archivist Randy Roberts said Yell Like Hell traces its roots to the mid 1970s and was actually a continuation of pep rallies and skits that had gone on for many years before. Roberts said the first Yell Like Hell competitions were intended to boost school spirit.

That’s not a problem now, Roberts said.

“If you drive around in the evenings before Homecoming, you’ll hear the groups practicing their Yell Like Hell routines,” Roberts said. “They work very hard. They’re very competitive and it’s a big deal.”

That hard work and the stiff competition pays off with big crowds for the event. Last year Yell Like Hell was switched from the west to the east side of Carnie Smith Stadium in order to accommodate the overflow crowd of campus and community members.

Yell Like Hell begins at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 18, in Carnie Smith Stadium.

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