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University prepares for first summer session

May 24, 2012 12:00AM

Many think of summer as a time of rest for students and faculty at Pittsburg State University, but for some, a new session of classes is about to begin.

“We’re offering more than 500 courses this summer,” said PSU Registrar, Debbie Greve. “You can take everything from basic general education classes to advanced graduate degree sessions. A lot of our students use summer as an opportunity to get a head start on their fall semester.”

Alyssa York is one of the more than 2,000 students who have enrolled in summer courses. A junior from Alton, Ill., York plans on graduating in four years and said summer seemed like the perfect way to stay on schedule.

“I’m taking two general-ed courses, one online and one on campus. I wanted to get my general-ed out of the way early, so I could really focus on my marketing major in the fall. Plus, I was able to get a job on campus for the summer, so it really worked out well for me.”

Summer courses are split into two four-week sessions, which means that, in most cases, students are able to earn their credit hours in a quarter of the time.

“It is a concentrated schedule,” explained Greve. “Most classes will meet every weekday for several hours. Our faculty work very hard to make certain students stay engaged, and the smaller class sizes really help with this.”

When asked about the short time frame for classes, York admitted she is a bit nervous, but feels she’s ready for the challenge.

“I’ve already heard from one of my professors about what I should be doing now to get ready for class,” York said. “So yeah, I’m nervous, but it helps knowing my professors are already helping me prepare.”

Pittsburg State University’s first summer session takes place June 4 through the 29. The second session will begin on July 2 and run through July 27. Enrollment is still open and more information is available at 620-235-4200 or online at

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