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Science Day tests students’ knowledge

March 06, 2012 12:00AM

More than 600 students from 22 high schools in Kansas and Missouri will test their science skills at Pittsburg State University’s annual Science Day on Thursday, March 8.

Students will compete in a variety of hands-on and written activities all designed to demonstrate their knowledge in physics, natural science, chemistry and biology. Organizers say the events are fun as well as educational.

For example, in the mousetrap car competition, students are required to build and race a car using simple materials and a mousetrap for power. In “Seismic Shakers,” the students compete to see who can build the tallest popsicle-stick towers that can survive a simulated earthquake.

Other events test students’ knowledge in botany, ecology, wildlife identification, zoology, genetics, and anatomy and physiology.

Organizers said the long-running event brings hundreds of high school students on campus and is a showcase for the university’s science programs.

For more information contact the Department of Biology (620-235-4731), the Department of Chemistry (620-235-4748), or the Department of Physics (620-235-4292).

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