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PSU professor: students, faculty share writing woes

October 10, 2011 12:00AM

Does growing up wired make millennial students better writers than their pre-millennial faculty?  Don Judd, associate professor of English and director of writing across the curriculum at Pittsburg State University, says not.  According to Judd, "both students and faculty struggle with the same issues in writing," which is why PSU's emphasis on improving student writing includes an on-going series of writing workshops for faculty. 

This week Judd will host two workshops on punctuation and grammar for PSU faculty who are working to help their students become better writers.  

"Punctuation and grammar seem to be areas that people are often not that comfortable with," Judd said, adding that, "this is one area where faculty and students share many of the same concerns."

PSU Provost Lynette Olson said that assessment and improvement of student writing is a major component in the university's quality improvement initiative for regional re-accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission.

"A writing task force engaged the campus in a discussion of writing that allowed us to define what we value in terms of writing skills at Pittsburg State University," Olson said. "The workshop on grammar and punctuation is just one of a number of initiatives that assist faculty in helping students develop the skills we consider to be critical components of effective written communication."

Other workshops in this series include Assignment Design, Writing for Publication, and Making Effective Use of the Writing Center.

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