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Class makes economics fun

July 19, 2011 12:00AM

Teachers Ashley Delange, Vicki Van Becelaere, Chris Colyer and Carol Nelson learn how to use Play-Doh to teach economics.

An enthusiastic group of school teachers set up an assembly line to crank out bright Play-Doh hamburgers at Pittsburg State University Tuesday, all in the name of economics education. The teachers are enrolled in Dr. Kenny McDougle's two-day workshop, "Play Dough Economics," which is designed to help classroom teachers learn new strategies for teaching important economic principles to their students.

"The use of Play Dough is not only very motivating, but also provides concrete experiences that promote learning for most elementary and middle school students," McDougle said.

The 15 lessons taught in the class cover economic concepts that are included in the Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics, published by the National Council on Economic Education, and are found in the content standards of many individual states, McDougle said.

"You need only listen to the nightly news or pick up a newspaper to be reminded of how important it is for every citizen to have at least a basic understanding of economics," McDougle said. "This is another tool effective teachers can use to lay the foundation for that kind of understanding."

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