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IEP students learn how Americans play

June 22, 2011 8:15AM

Two young women from Saudi Arabia learn to operate a fishing pole at the University Lake.

More than 60 international students at Pittsburg State University learned this week why Americans are so passionate about summer. Students in Dr. Scott Gorman's Camping and Outdoor Education class spent some time teaching the international students, all who are enrolled in PSU's Intensive English Program, about canoeing, fishing and other summer activities.

Christine Mekkaoui, director of the Intensive English Program, said the international students learn a lot about American culture from the annual activity and enjoy the interaction with the American students.

"Many in this group of students are from Saudi Arabia," Mekkaoui said, "so unless they live near the coast, they may never have fished. And canoeing is typically something we do in lakes and streams, they wouldn't have experienced that, either."

Mekkaoui said the day at the University Lake is just one of several activities the Intensive English Program sponsors with the goal of immersing the international students in the American culture.

"We're always looking for opportunities for our students to interact with Americans," Mekkaoui said.

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