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Winter weather is good practice for bigger snow storms

February 12, 2012 12:00AM

A light snow covered the PSU Oval on Wednesday. The winter has been remarkable so far for its lack of snow and ice.

Pitt State Physical Plant workers jumped on today’s snowfall around 5:30 a.m., making quick work of clearing sidewalks before classes began.

Tom Amershek, director of building trades and landscape maintenance, said compared to last winter’s record snowfall and cold, today “was like a walk in the park.”

Still, Amershek said, winter has several weeks to go, so he doesn’t want to rule out the possibility of digging out from much worse even late in the spring.

“I’ve seen it snow pretty good in March and April,” he said.

One positive about today’s brush with winter weather, Amershek said, is that it was good practice for some of his new employees.

“It gives them a little taste of what to expect,” Amershek said.

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