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University dedicates new Senior Walk

May 08, 2012 12:00AM

Cutting the ribbon for the Senior Walk, L-R: Holly Hrabick (2012); Tyler Edwards, SGA; President Steve Scott; Lewis Bertalotto (1958); Zach Krumsick (2012)k

The Outstanding Senior Award winners who attended Tuesday’s dedication of the new Senior Walk spanned more than a half century of Pittsburg State University’s history. But from Lewis Bertalotto (Class of ’58) to this year’s honorees, Zac Krumsick and Holly Hrabik, the recipients said they shared a special relationship.

Father Michael Simone, who received the Outstanding Senior award in 1996, spoke about the honor of being selected for the award and the responsibilities it placed on recipients.

Calling his time at PSU “a journey of discovery,” Father Simone said PSU reinforced the “values of family and friends.” These are values, he said, that were expressed in the personal interactions between faculty, staff and students.

President Steve Scott paid tribute to the university crews who designed and built the new senior walk and to the Student Government Association for funding the project. He also recognized the Outstanding Senior recipients from this and past years and noted their contributions on campus.

The new Senior Walk was made possible by a gift from the SGA, which funded the initial Senior Walk decades ago. The new structure, located in front of Russ Hall as was the initial Senior Walk, replaces a number of missing plaques from the early years and also allows space for many additional plaques.

The selection process for the Outstanding Senior Awards begins with nominations from faculty, members of the unclassified staff and student organization presidents. Students who are nominated are asked to complete an application process that addresses their academic pursuits and GPA, organizational involvement at PSU, offices held in organizations, honors and scholarships, community service and volunteer work, and employment while attending PSU. Each nominee must also write a brief statement about his or her accomplishments as a student leader, their contributions to PSU and their plans following graduation.

A committee of faculty, staff and students evaluates the credentials and determines a list of finalists. The finalists are submitted for an advisory vote by faculty and members of the unclassified staff. The committee considers the finalists’ credentials in conjunction with the results of the advisory vote to determine the recipients.

Senior Walk Dedication

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