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"Green University" webinar shows employees how they can make a difference

June 22, 2011 12:00AM

Employees view a webinar on sustainability in higher ed presented June 24 by Green Schools and Universities.

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These kinds of opportunities can educate us on ways we can improve the entire campus, from facilities to curriculum, "
~ Brian Peery, co-chair of the University Sustainability Committee
yees from all areas of campus had an opportunity this week to see how they can make environmentally friendly changes in the workplace through a virtual workshop on sustainability.

The University Sustainability Committee at Pittsburg State offered the workshop June 24 through the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology. Presented by Green Schools and Universities, an organization focused on presenting sustainable ideas to both higher education and K-12, the day-long workshop hit on a wide range of topics including green buildings and construction, funding opportunities, and the keys to creating sustainable, high-performance educational institutions.

Angela Neria, the university's chief information officer, attended the webinar in order to take new ideas back to her area.

"I was hoping to gain knowledge about how the Office of Information Services could support campus sustainability," she said. "We're looking at our role on campus and thinking about what we can do. We're seeing what other universities are doing and how those ideas might apply to our campus."

OSC committee co-chairman Brian Peery said that as long as educational opportunities like Thursday's webinar are available, the group will bring them to campus.

"These kinds of opportunities can educate us on ways we can improve the entire campus, from facilities to curriculum," he said.

Additionally, the committee recently submitted a $75,000 proposal to the Pepsi Foundation for a professional assessment of what renewable options would be best for the campus and how those methods could be integrated into the classroom. Peery is also assisting Automotive Technology in their proposal to the National Science Foundation, which would create a curriculum for hybrid vehicle repairs.

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