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President hosts budget forum

April 29, 2010 12:00AM

President Steve Scott presents at a budget forum on April 22.

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It is important that we continue to be optimistic and supportive of our students. "
~ President Steve Scott
dent Steve Scott told PSU employees Thursday that despite recent state revenue estimates that predict a $500 million shortfall in the coming fiscal year, "I continue to be very optimistic."

The president began the discussion by pointing out that the legislative process is ongoing and because there is no budget as yet, the university does not have many answers. The purpose of the forum, he told the group, was to share what additional information the university has.

Scott said lawmakers have two options.

"One is to cut more and the other is to raise revenues," he said. "That's what the discussion's going to be about Monday (when the legislature reconvenes)."

The president urged the campus community to follow the legislative discussion and promised to keep them informed. He also offered encouraging words to a group that he said he knew felt the stress of the uncertain budget picture.

"It is important that we continue to be optimistic and supportive of our students," Scott said.

He said he had visited with many alumni in recent weeks who had great things to say about their PSU experience.

"You should hear the comments I receive from alumni about the great influence this place has had in their lives," Scott said. "What I think about when I hear these things is that you are making these same differences in students' lives right now."

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