Journal Article Review:

Writing Assignment

American History 201-10

Review of Journal Article

Go to the Reference Room of Axe Library and choose a journal article from one of the following journals.  The article must deal with the time period covered by American History 201, European contact to 1865.  Some of the available journals are:

Journal of American History

American Historical Review

Journal of Southern History

Western Historical Review

William and Mary Quarterly

If you do not find an article in the current offerings, past journals are in the basement shelved alphabetically.

Read the article and prepare a two-page review of the contents.  Make sure your review includes the following:

Make a copy of the article to include with your review.

Provide bibliographic information at the top of your review, i.e., author, title, journal, publisher, place of publication, page number. 

1. The first paragraph should summarize the main thoughts of the article - what is it about? 

2. The remainder of the review should analyze and critique the article and consider the following questions:

  What is the author trying to promote; what is the thesis?

  Is the author's argument persuasive?

  Does the evidence support the author's conclusions?

  Is the article balanced and supported by verifiable facts?

  What sources did the author use in writing the article; what   expertise does he or she bring to the subject?

  Do you agree or disagree with the content of the article and the arguments used to persuade the reader?  Explain

3. The conclusion should relate your opinion of the article and indicate how it may or may not have changed your opinion of the events related in it. Be sure to state what other knowledge you have of the topic and other articles or books you have read regarding it.

Make a draft of your review and turn it in with the final edition of your review.

Text should be double spaced and in 12 point type.

Margins should be no less than one inch on all sides of the paper

This assignment is due November 4, 2003, and must be submitted in class along with the copy of the article reviewed.

Organization, clarity, grammar, and spelling are all important factors to be considered for evaluating the review.


 *The format of the journal article review is based on materials developed by Chris Stoltz, Department of History, Pittsburg State University