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Writing Across the Curriculum
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Writing to Learn Program Philosophy

In addition to teaching course content, WL courses are designed to enhance students’ ability to formulate and articulate complex ideas and to convey those ideas in writing to a professional and/or academic audience.  While it is essential that faculty have room to develop assignments and approaches suitable to their subject matter and teaching style, it is also essential that courses bearing WL credit give students a writing experience that will contribute to their overall development as writers.

To that end, we ask that faculty consider the following general principles as they plan a WL course and develop writing assignments and grading criteria for it.

            a.  The writing required by WL courses can include both informal and formal writing.  Formal writing assignments in a WL course should entail writing that makes a clearly indicated claim and supports it with evidence and/or reasoning, organizes ideas into multiple paragraphs, and requires a polished final draft.

            b.  Faculty evaluation of student writing in a WL course should be based on a grading system whose requirements and criteria are stated in writing and provided to students before submission of the final draft.  Faculty may choose to use the Pittsburg State University Writing Rubric or to develop their own grading criteria.

            c.  The assignment sequence should be designed to allow students to benefit from feedback on their writing during the course of the semester.