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All students seeking a baccalaureate (four-year) degree from PSU, except transfer students who have earned 55 or more credit hours prior to transferring to PSU, must complete two WL courses.

Students who transfer to PSU with 55 credit hours or more are not required to take WL courses. Graduate students and students earning associates degrees or other non-baccalaureate degrees are not required to take WL courses.

In selecting WL courses, students should look first for WL courses offered in their major. In some majors, students will be able to earn all of their WL credits taking only WL courses that are required for the major.  If WL courses are not included in the major, students should look for WL sections of general education courses that fulfill degree requirements. Students should begin planning what courses to take as WL during their first semester in order to be sure to complete both WL courses using courses that fulfill degree requirements.

WL courses are listed in the on-line course schedule each semester.  They are coded WL. There is also a separate list of WL courses off the on-line course schedule page.

Completed or attempted WL courses are  marked "WL" on the grade report and on the transcript. Only WL courses for which the student has earned a passing grade count toward fulfilling the WL requirement. The GUS degree audit shows how many WL courses the student still needs.

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