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Sabbatical Showcase Spring 2013

Date:  February 28, 2013
Time:  1:30-3:00 p.m.
Location:  Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, Hartman Hall 332a.

Dr. Stephen HarmonStephen Harmon

Title:  "Field Research in a War Zone"

  • Part 1 - Types of research conducted
  • Part 2 - Use of iPad in the field
  • Part 3 - Not really a war zone, but close

Stella HastingsStella Hastings

Title:  "An Exploration in Singing, Teaching, Listening and Learning"
Description: Stella visited three campuses and observed lessons and classes, took lessons, visited libraries and had multiple opportunities for discussions with new colleagues.  She was also given the chance to perform with an ensemble in Texas and France.

Casie HermanssonCasie Hermansson

Title:  "Filming Children's Metafictions"
Description: Casie was invited to be a Visiting Fellow at Massey University's School of English and Media Studies (New Zealand) for the duration of her sabbatical. While there, she launched a new research project into film adaptations of children's metafictions, and gave two major presentations of her new research to faculty and PhD students at both Massey University and Auckland University. She also celebrated the launch of the first Hobbit film and celebrated the Lord of the Rings series by traveling with her children to Hobbiton and other film sites around the North Island.

Dr. Frank MillerFrank Miller

Title:  "The Prevalence of Best Practice Teaching in the NCLB School Environment" and "How Exemplary Teachers Integrate Social Studies Instruction into the Curriculum"
Description: Frank observed several exemplary teachers in area elementary schools to determine the extent to which they are able to implement "best practice" teaching strategies (i.e., hands-on activities, cooperative learning, daily writing, performance assessment, etc.) while still ensuring their students are prepared to be successful on the state tests. He specifically scheduled a number of observations during social studies instruction. Social Studies is not tested in Kansas until sixth grade. He wanted to determine the extent to which exemplary teachers are able to incorporate social studies instruction into their instructional day even though their students will not be tested until they reach Middle School. This report will outline his findings.

Dr. Jay van WykJay VanWyk

Title: "The Internationalization Process of an Emerging Market Retailer"
Description: An analysis of how Shoprite, a South African retailer, became the largest retailer in Africa. The firm exploited the opportunities for growth in Africa despite substantial risk exposure.  Shoprite captured market share and has secured first mover advantage which, in turn, will pose substantial entry barriers for competitors, even those from developed countries.