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Sabbatical Showcase Spring 2012

Dr. Maeve Cummings

Dr. Maeve Cummings

February 6, 2012 

"Digital Forensics: Sleuthing in Cyberspace"

Over 95% of business records are now in electronic form. So, whether the business is a very large organization building cars or an individual selling drugs illegally, details of all transactions are pretty much guaranteed to be in electronic form. An investigation that is undertaken to uncover everything from investment fraud to sexual harassment must include the analysis of the contents of hard disks, cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, cameras, event data recorders in the airbag modules of cars, and anything else that can store information. This analysis of information in electronic form is called digital forensics.

Dr. Paul MorrisDr. Paul Morris

April 5, 2012

"Learning How to Facilitate an Effective Veterans Writing Workshop and How to Become a Man in America"

Dr. Morris states: My showcase has two parts. On my sabbatical I interviewed administrators and facilitators who run successful veterans writing workshops. Although what I discovered about promotion and attendance will be extremely useful for PSU’s veterans writing group, the most interesting answers to my questions dealt with techniques, motives, and pedagogy. There appear to be three main reasons for starting a veterans writing group: therapy, politics, or instruction, and often these intentions merge. In the first half of my presentation I’ll examine these motives in an attempt to understand the problems English faculty face when they try to extend the borders of their discipline beyond the instructional into the ! clinical or political. In the second half, I’ll read one or two creative non-fiction essays from Learning How to Become a Man in America, the proposed title for a collection of narrative essays about my life.

Dr. Jim Triplett

April 12

"Sustainability Programs and Natural Resource Conflict Management Courses at Some Other Universities"

Dr. James Triplett

Dr. Rick Lindskog

April 16

"National Association of School Psychologists: Accreditation Preparation"

Dr. Rick Lindskog

Dr. Dan Ferguson

May 2

"Measuring Physical Fitness of Orphan Children: The Challenges of Field Research in the Third World"

Dr. Daniel Ferguson