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Office Director:

Brenda Frieden

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Contact Person:
Donna Jacobs

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Phone: 620-235-4840

332 Hartman Hall Pittsburg State University Pittsburg, KS 66762-7503

Course Creation and Student Enrollments

Your course will automatically be added to Canvas each semester.  You do not need to log into GUS to request a course shell in Canvas.  As soon as your class has been added to the official schedule, a Canvas shell will be created for you the next time the automated process occurs.  This process runs twice daily. If there are any changes in the official class schedule, those changes will be reflected in Canvas as well.

By default, your course will not be available for students when it is created.  You must "Publish" your course when you are ready for students to view your course and receive notifications.

Students will be added and deleted from your Canvas course according to the official roster from the Registrar's office.  If a student is dropped and later added back into your Canvas course, their grades and assignments will still be in the system.  No data will be lost.  Students will be added and dropped to your "Unpublished" course as soon as enrollment begins each semester.

What does this mean for you?

  • Course shell will be made for you automatically as soon as it is added to the official schedule.  (This process will be ran each day at approximately 10:30am and 2:00pm.)
  • Courses will not be seen by students until you activate or "publish" the course.
  • Students will be added to Canvas courses daily when enrollment begins. No need to check and compare with your GUS roster.

Automatic Concluding of Courses

After two full years, courses will be moved into a "concluded" state. All material is still available to instructors and students can continue to view the course in the state the teacher left it in. Instructors can conclude or "hide" their courses prior to this time. 

Faculty can limit the visibility of their courses at anytime by using the options available on the Settings menu of your course. Below are resources in the Canvas Guides to help you with this task.