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2014 PSU Delegation to South Korea

Dates: May 11 to 24, 2014
Estimated Cost: Program fee estimated at $2800 (ask faculty leader) + tuition for 3 credits (cost varies based on residency and grad vs. undergrad status)
Course: MGMKT 601 or 821: Topics: Business in Asia Pacific
Deadline for Application: Contact Faculty leader
Physical expectations: This program includes standing and walking for four-hour periods of time without resting.  Lodging accommodations may include rooms on second and third levels with only stairs. Students will be moving their own luggage up and down stairs.


Open to students in any major. Participants will have a unique opportunity to visit Korea for two weeks in May. PSU's three sister universities will host the participants. They will provide lectures about Korean history, culture, economy, and business environment. In addition, participants will engage in field trips to world-class Korean companies, historic site visits, and other interesting arrangements of cultural activities. The study abroad program includes visits to internationally known historic sites including some famous sights of Seoul, the beautiful southern coastal region in Korea including Kyungju and Kyungbok Palace. MORE DETAILS HERE (BROCHURE)

Faculty Leader:

Dr. Choong Lee
Management & Marketing
Kelce College of Business
Phone: 235-4587

Cancellation and refund policy:

The payment deadline will depend on the travel agent's request. No refund is given at all once we have contracts with the travel agents for the program. (More information available from faculty leader.)

All students are encouraged to purchase trip cancellation insurance (link here) to protect their investment.

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