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Application Details

Applying for Study Abroad can be the most exciting... and most frustrating thing you do! Sometimes it takes a while to put the puzzle pieces together, but every time it's worth it. Stay organized, and read on to find out who to make your study abroad experience come true.


For Individual study abroad, the deadline is March 1st for summer and fall programs, and October 1st for spring programs.

Faculty leaders set their own deadlines for their programs, so talk to them directly. They also determine whether or not they have the flexibility to admit students late.

Steps to Apply


You will apply through the Studio Abroad application software, and also to the hosting organization.


  1. You will apply online through the STUDIO ABROAD application software. The application includes submitting an essay, a cost estimate, a course transfer formand two faculty references. The Study Abroad Committee will review your application and will decide if you are a good candidate for participation in our exchange program with the sister university.

    You may contact the sister university to assure that they will offer the courses you need for the semester or summer that you are applying to study abroad.
  2. You will then complete the application for the sister university that is required of prospective exchange students. This usually requires PSU to send a letter which states that you have been approved to participate in the exchange program.
     Look in to visa requirements early. Visas to some countries must be applied for in person at consulates that are in Chicago or New York.
  3. Make sure you understand the process of reserving housing at the partner university.  This is often a  separate application and separate deposit.


Faculty collect applications for their programs, so talk to them directly.

  1. Contact the faculty leader of the program. Let them know of your interest in the program. The professor will be able to answer your questions about the course content, the itinerary, the program cost, and any other questions. Certain topics will be covered by the Study Abroad Coordinator; however, the faculty leader will be the main contact for the program.
  2. Complete a Step 1 Application for Group Study Abroad. This form can be downloaded from this web site or picked up from the Faculty Leader. The faculty leader will let you know if additional paperwork is needed to apply to participate in the program.
  3. Follow the instructions of the faculty leader. Once you are accepted into the program, there will be further paperwork to be completed. Your faculty leader will go over this with you. Questions about this can be answered by the faculty leader or the Study Abroad Coordinator.

Reminders! Please include your parents and/or close family in this process. If they have questions, they can contact the Study Abroad Coordinator to set up a meeting or talk over the phone.


  1. Just as with our exchange universities, you will have to apply online through the STUDIO ABROAD application software. The application includes an essay, a cost estimate, a course credit transfer form, and two faculty references. If the program to which you intend to apply is not listed in Studio Abroad, appeal to the study abroad advisor, who can add it. This application will be reviewed by our Study Abroad Committee.
  2. Usually at the same time or after you have been accepted into the study abroad program by the PSU Study Abroad Committee, you will apply to the affiliate program through their online application system. You may be asked to fill in the same information twice - one for PSU and one for the affiliate organization.


You will follow the same steps as if you had chosen an affiliate program. However, you will not find your program in StudioAbroad, so your first step will be to make an appointment with the study abroad coordinator, who will add your program to Studio Abroad. You will hand in a Petition to Participate in a Non-Suggested Program that explains why you have chosen a particular program, the details of the program (sponsor, time, academic standard, health and safety concerns, etc), and other information the Study Abroad Committee requires in order to have confidence the program is a good program. The Study Abroad Committee will review the petition and application.

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