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After Approval of the Faculty Led Program

Remember that the Faculty-led Group Study Abroad Programs Handbook is your guideline for what is expected of you by PSU. If anything in the Handbook is unclear, please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator with your questions. 
In this section you will find reminders from the Study Abroad office that hopefully will help your program be a success.

1. Promotion

You will work with the Study Abroad Coordinator to promote your program on campus. Promote within your department and with colleagues in the university. Spread the word among your students as well. 
A good kick off to your promotion is the PSU Study Abroad EXPO which is held in late October. Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator at the beginning of the Fall semester to find out specific dates and reserve a table.

2. Paperwork

As a faculty leader, your students will be handing in their initial application to you, and you will make admission decisions based on criteria outlined in your proposal. Two things to check are the GPA - students must have a GPA of 2.5 or more, though you may request an exception for any students you would like to include despite a low GPA, and, second, check the student's discipline record with Dr. Steve Erwin's office. Once you have admitted a student, you will submit a copy of this initial form to the Study Abroad Coordinator. These forms should be submitted to the IPSO office at least eight weeks before your departure date. If you are traveling during a break when the university is closed this deadline will be adjusted. 

The rest of the forms students will need (waivers, insurance, emergency contacts, W-9, copies of passports etc.) will all be submitted by the student through the online application system, STUDIO ABROAD. A Notebook with copies of passports, emergency contacts etc will be prepared for the faculty leader by the IPSO office. 

3. Pre-Departure Meetings

All students going abroad on PSU Study Abroad programs or who are approved by the Study Abroad Committee must attend the general Pre-Departure Orientation session given by Study Abroad Programs. The orientation will take place once each semester. This is a general orientation, and does not include country specific information.

You will meet with your group to discuss details specific to your program and provide a country-specific pre-departure orientation before leaving.

4. Stipends

When you turn in your faculty application, the Study Abroad Committee will also decide if your program will receive funding from the Study Abroad Travel Stipend fund. The Committee follows a formula to decide the amount assigned to each program. Your program must be a credit bearing program to receive funding, and students must be enrolled full time and earning 3 credits for the study abroad experience. This may include a pre-travel on-campus course bearing some of the credits. 
If you have received funding from the Study Abroad Travel Stipend fund for the participants in your program, students must submit paperwork on time to receive funding. Any student who does not complete his/her paperwork will not receive a stipend. Students must also sign the Stipend Agreement form which explains what is expected of them upon acceptance of the stipend. 
*In order to receive a stipend students must have a Social Security number or a Tax ID number. If you have international students participating in your program, and they do not have a Tax Id or SSN, please ask them to contact the International Programs office as soon as possible, as the process to receive a tax ID number may take three months.

5. Travel Consults

The health and wellness checks recommended for travel on a study abroad program are done at the Student Health Center. Faculty members have the option of making travel consults mandatory, but should inform both the Health Center and the International Office of this. Appointments may be made online through Student Health Services. The consults should be done approximately 3 months before your departure date. Please advise your students to plan ahead for this check-up and to bring their immunization history. 

6. International Insurance

PSU requires that all participants in the Study Abroad program, including the faculty leader, purchase international insurance for the time they will be abroad, and the policy must have minimum limits of $100,000 medical expenses, $75,000 medical evacuation, $25,000 repatriation. Many students and parents have questions about this requirement. Below there are links to two informational handouts from HTH Worldwide that explain the coverage provided while abroad and the medical issues a study abroad participant should be aware of. Any questions about this requirement can be directed to the Study Abroad Coordinator.