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Office Director:

Heather Eckstein

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Phone: 620-235-6578
Fax: 620-235-6582

1701 South Broadway
113 Axe Library
Pittsburg, KS 66762

GORILLA WARM-UP is the first class meeting for the Freshman Experience seminar. Students must attend this “pre-semester” activity to receive course credit. This activity is designed to familiarize you with the campus, the resources and activities available, and generally give you a head start at PSU.

Registration for GORILLA WARM-UP  begins at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 19, 2018 under the tent on the Oval in front of Heckert-Wells. Please arrive no later than 1:15 to ensure you have the materials you need. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing (shorts/t-shirt).

Key to your success here at Pitt State will be the relationships you develop with other students and faculty members and your taking full advantage of the great resources for students. Please use the opportunity that GORILLA WARM-UP  provides to get to know the campus and your classmates. It will help you get off to a great start, and remember, attendance is REQUIRED.

If you or your parents have questions regarding Freshman Experience or anything else related to PSU, please contact the Student Success Programs office at 1-800-854-7488 (option 4) or the Student Success Programs Office at 620-235-6578.