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Wellness at Pitt State promotes a culture of multi-dimensional wellness through education and encouragement designed to inspire and empower healthy lifestyles among the PSU Community.

  1. Physical: The ability to maintain a positive state of health and well-being; the role you take in maintaining your body for strength, vitality, and energy.

  2. Mental: The ability to adopt a balanced and realistic perspective on life, while coping with emotions and everyday stressors in a healthy and effective manner.

  3. Occupational: The ability to achieve a balance between school, work, and leisure time, addressing stress and building relationships with co-workers, family, and peers.

  4. Financial: The ability to manage current and future financial situations, while living within your means.

  5. Environmental: The livability of a community’s surroundings and each individual's responsibility to protect, nurture, encourage, raise awareness, and support the physical environment.

  6. Social: The ability to establish and maintain diverse and inclusive relationships with people in our world.

  7. Spiritual: The ability to identify, process, and understand beliefs, values and ethics which give meaning and provide direction in one's life.

  8. Intellectual: The ability to maintain an active and open mind which contributes positively to one’s personal pursuits, group interactions, and community involvement.


  • Dr. Jason Kegler, Chair - Assistant Vice President for Student Life

  • Sarah Ball - Assistant Professor

  • Jesse Briscoe - Area Coordinator

  • Madison Estrada - Mental Health Counselor

  • Carrie Farrington - Mid-Level Medical Provider

  • Brandy Kirk - Retail Manager

  • Steven Lilly - Associate Director

  • Taylor Panczer - Program Coordinator

  • Sara Peak - Public Service Administrator