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GRAD NOW is a program designed to help former students who have left Pittsburg State University with just a few degree requirements remaining learn about their options to finish their bachelor’s degree.  We have staff designated to assist students to explore the necessary steps needed to complete their degree NOW!

To qualify for the GRAD NOW program, students must:

  • Have been away from the University for at least two semesters [excluding Summer]
  • Have left the University in good standing
  • Have approximately 20 hours or less to finish initial degree and major--Degree options may be explored

How can GRAD NOW help ME to complete my degree?


To get started today, complete the GRAD NOW PROGRAM form.  An advisor will be in touch to discuss the steps needed to process your acceptance into the Program.


Personal Information
Degree Information

How can GRAD NOW help ME to complete my degree?

Even though it may have been years since you’ve attended Pittsburg State or you live away from the Pittsburg community, the GRAD NOW Program is designed to work with YOU and your current location.  No matter where you are residing, this Program gives you the opportunity to choose a school near you to finish courses needed to satisfy this degree.  Allowing you, if possible, to complete your degree requirements under the catalog and requirements you had when you left PSU could save you additional coursework hours!  Reviewing degree options with our staff would allow you to complete the major you were seeking at the time you left PSU or even move in a new direction.

One option available is the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree.  This degree is intended to encourage students to design their personal course of study that would best serve their occupational goals and interests not met by traditional majors and minors.  With the BGS, the student is not required to choose a major, but rather choose an area of concentration that defines their own interests and objectives.

IT’S NOT TOO LATE!...Finish Your PSU Baccalaureate Degree NOW!

Once you have made the decision to earn your degree, you can determine which program you want to pursue.  You may finish with the major that you were seeking when you left PSU,  or you may want to move in a new direction…like the Bachelor of General Studies [BGS] degree previously described.

For questions and information about returning to PSU, contact:

                                      GRAD  NOW

                                      (620) 235-4217



For General Information:  Admission Office, 620-235-4251

                                         Financial Assistance, 620-235-4240                                                                              

                                         Registrar’s Office, 620-235-4200

Let our staff assist you in exploring the options and steps needed to complete your degree NOW!  Again, complete the GRAD NOW PROGRAM form located above TODAY!  We look forward to contacting you to discuss the steps needed to process your acceptance into the Program or answer any questions about the GRAD NOW Program you may have!



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