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Enrollment Instructions (select semester):  Spring | Summer | Fall | Web System

Web Enrollment System Instructions

Pittsburg State University's Web Enrollment System

Please direct questions or comments to the Registrar
Phone: (620) 235-4200 - Email:


Advisor Instructions


To print these instructions, click the Print icon in your browser toolbar.
On the menu bar, click on the word File and then on Print..

Important! Before you begin the enrollment process:

Make sure that you have your PSU student identification number and your GusPIN.
Resolve any University holds (i.e. parking tickets, library fines, needed admission materials, etc.)
Review the schedule of courses available via the PSU web site under Current Students and prepare a preliminary schedule to review with your advisor.

To begin the enrollment process

Make an appointment to meet with your advisor, who has the choice to enroll you on-line or provide you with your advisement number. You cannot use web enrollment if you do not have your advisement number. Advisement numbers change each semester.
Open the PSU home page:
On the Logins bar, at the top right of the page, click on the word GUS.
On the Login page, click in the PSU ID box and type your PSU student identification number.
Click in the GusPIN box and type your GusPIN.
Click on the button with the words Click here to login securely.

To access the enrollment screen

Under Personal Information, click on the words Online enrollment.
Each semester, the first time that you click on the words Online enrollment, you will be asked to review your Personal Information. (HINT: A week or two before your actual enrollment day, click on on-line enrollment or your degree audit link and review your personal information so that you can make any necessary changes before enrollment day.)
If any of that information has changed, make the revisions and then click on the button with the words Update Information to update the information.
If the information hasn't changed, click on the button with the words No Changes Needed.
When you reach the On-Line Enrollment page, select the semester for which you want to enroll. (You will have a choice only when you enroll for Summer and/or Fall, not for Spring.)
Click in the Advisement Number box and type your advisement number. (HINT: This number is case sensitive. When your advisor gives you this number, be sure that you know whether each letter is upper case or lower case. Only your advisor and the staff in your major's departmental office can give you this number.)
Click on the Start Enrollment button.

Enrollment methods

You can enroll in two different ways. You can enter the course information yourself in the boxes for Department Code, Course Number, and Course Section boxes, or you can ADD courses through your Degree Audit (on the left toolbar).

To enter the course information yourself

Step 1. On the Enrollment page, open the Department Code list and select the Department Code for the first course that you want.
Step 2. Click in the Course Number box and type the course number.
Step 3. Click in the Course Section box and type the course section number, or leave this box blank to view all available sections when you click the Add button. Repeat steps 1-3 to add more courses now, or you can go to the next step to enroll in courses one by one.
Step 4. Click on the Add Classes button. One of two things will happen:
You will successfully enroll in the course (or courses) and the course (or courses) will appear in your class schedule near the top of the window.


You will not successfully enroll in one or all or the courses because of time conflicts, closed classes, prerequisites, courses that don't meet your degree requirements, or other problems. In that case, messages will appear to advise you why your enrollment was not successful. In some cases, a list of alternate sections of the course will appear, and you can select one of those sections. If the course does not meet your degree requirements, you can select a checkbox under the message and still add the course. If a course is closed, the system might ask if you wish to be added to a wait list for the course; however, not all courses have wait lists. If you select to proceed with any courses from the list of messages, click the Add Classes button. If you don't select any courses, click the Back to Enrollment button.
Step 5. After you complete your enrollment, click on the End Enrollment button. Keep your advisement number in case you decide to make changes to your schedule at a later time.
Print your schedule. (HINT: Be sure to check your enrollment schedule in GUS just prior to the beginning of the semester for possible room or footnote changes. Your schedule page also provides information on payment methods and deadlines.)
Step 6. Click on the words Quit GUS.
Step 7. Close the browser or follow the on-line instructions to remove your personal information from the computer if you are not using your own personal computer.

To enroll through your Degree Audit

On the Enrollment page, select Degree Audit on the left toolbar. Every course that you need to complete your current degree plan and that is offered this semester will be listed in your degree audit with an Add button beside it.
Click the Add button to see every available section of a course.
Select the section that you want.
Click the Add Classes button. See step 4 in the previous section for the two possible results and what you can do about them.
After you complete your enrollment, go to step 5 above and follow the instructions in steps 5 through 7.