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Tilford Contact Info

Dory Quinn, Secretary
Tilford Group
218A Russ Hall
Pittsburg State University
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg KS 66762

Phone: 620-235-6584

Fall 2010-Spring 2011

September 22, 2010
Speaker: Dr. Jose B. Gonzalez, And I Thought Aliens didn't Eat Rice and Beans (Co-sponsored with Office of Student Diversity/Hispanics of Today/ Campus Acitities Center)

September 30, 2010
Event: The Tilford Group's First Campus Panel on Diversity in the PSU Classroom. With panel members Cathy Lee Arcuino and Christine Mekkaoui.  (Co-sponsored by The Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology)

October 7, 2010
Activity: Bafa Bafa: A Cross-cultural Communication Exercise. With facilitators Harriet Bachner and Chuck Olcese. (Co-sponsored by International Programs and Services)

February 15, 2011
Activity: Ms. Thea Nietfeld, Kansas Settlers Try Again: Beyond "Bloody Kansas", 2.00pm in Balkans Room, OSC (Co-sponsored with Office of Student Diversity/ Campus Activities Center)

February 25, 2011
Speaker: Regent Mildred Edwards, Empowering Communities Through Education, Diversity, 2.00pm Governors Room, OSC (Co-sponsored with the President's Office)

March 11, 2011
Speaker: Dr. Joseph Seabrooks Jr., President of the Metropolitan Community College-Blue River, All About the Benjamins: 5 Things College Students Get Twisted, 11.00am, Governors Room, OSC

April 12, 2011
Event: "An Academic Report and Some Cultural Observations from a Visiting International Scholar," an informative and interactive panel ( Professor Zu Yunpeng of Sichuan Normal University,Dr. John Franklin and Dr. Philip Rudd of PSU )