Crimson Commons Ribbon Cutting

Dr. Steven A. Scott, President, Pittsburg State University

October 2, 2010

Good morning.  Thank you Dr. Irwin for getting us off to a great start.  It's my pleasure to welcome you to the campus of Pittsburg State University and to this dedication ceremony.  This is indeed a significant day for Pittsburg State University, our students, and our community.

 It's been forty four years since a president at Pittsburg State University was able to be a part of a dedication ceremony for a new residence hall.  In fact you have to go back to 1966 and President George Bud, who oversaw the completion of Dellinger hall across campus. 

A lot has changed since that time especially in the world of higher education.  Today's students expect more from a university than ever before.  In addition to quality faculty, well equipped classrooms, and cutting edge technology, students expect a living environment that meets their needs.  For prospective students and parents visiting campus, housing is always a part of the discussion. 

It's an important consideration on the decision of where to go to college.  Two years ago we initiated a multi-year plan to upgrade our current residence halls and in 2009 we renovated Bowen Hall.  Just a few short weeks ago we celebrated the completion of Trout Hall.  In all, Pittsburg State University is committed to investing twelve million dollars into renovating current residence halls in addition to the ten million dollar investment in this new construction. 

This is a comprehensive undertaking that's required cooperation and assistance of many offices throughout campus and the support of the Kansas Board of Regents and the board staff.  I'm appreciative of the efforts of those who envisioned this plan and are working hard to make it a reality. 

It's important to note, even with these improvements and this additional capacity, the university still finds itself needing more rooms and that's a good thing.  More than twelve hundred students are living in residence halls this fall.  That's a nineteen percent increase over last year and a new record for Pittsburg State.  It's a very positive sign about our future and it's a testament to the quality of our housing program. 

And by that I mean, not just the new renovated construction, but more importantly the people who oversee its support the housing operation.  They are in a word, I believe, terrific.  It's worth noting this morning that each of the past three years we've dedicated a new building on this campus.  Just think in the fall of 2008, we dedicated our new Student Recreation Center.

 In the fall of 2009, we dedicated the Bryant Student Health Center.  And today we dedicate this beautiful new residence hall. What's the common denominator?  I think it's pretty clear.  Each of these new facilities was constructed to better serve our students; their fitness, their health, and now their living accommodations.  We often say students come first at Pittsburg State.  Well over the past three years I think we've provided ample evidence that that indeed is the case. 

 As for today's event and this particular structure, it's very clear that Crimson Commons allows our students a living experience unlike any other on campus, or in the region, and it's an outstanding addition to our campus.  It will serve students for decades to come.  You know it may have taken forty four years, but I think it was certainly worth the wait."