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Goal 3: Enhance engagement and interaction with external stakeholders to stimulate cooperative and progressive growth and development

a. Continue to develop Pittsburg State University as a cultural center.  This includes the establishment of a fine and performing arts facility, an improved art gallery, and the continued support of KRPS. 

b. Enhance and support the Business and Technology Institute.  This includes developing stronger linkages with academics and the University's role in economic development.

c. Increase service-related activities that contribute toward the social, cultural, and educational improvement of the community and region

d. Extend the utilization of national advisory councils for the mutual benefit of the University and external stakeholders.

e. Enhance relationships with the local community colleges and school districts.

f. Enhance relationships with elected officials and governmental agencies at the local, regional, and state levels.

g. Maximize the full potential of the Kansas Technology Center and its impact on academic pursuits as well as regional development.