Goal 1: Enhance learner success

a. Enhance teaching and learning.

b. Manage enrollment growth (includes recruitment and retention).

c. Through a revitalized program review process, examine the university's program mix, evaluate underperforming programs, and establish new degree programs that will prepare students for productive careers.

d. Foster a supportive yet challenging living, learning and working environment with services and programs that promote learner success and wellness.

e. Recruit, retain, and develop well qualified faculty and staff.

f. Maintain an aesthetically pleasing campus.

g. Keep facilities clean and in good repair

h. Maintain and enhance all aspects of campus safety.

i. Enhance the quality and diversity of the campus human resources.

j. Develop internships, field experiences, and/or service learning opportunities for all degree programs.

k. Develop the plans for the implementation of two doctoral degrees in program areas unique to Pittsburg State University.

l. Provide opportunities and resources to help faculty improve their teaching effectiveness as well as to assist students to become better learners.

m. Develop and support interdisciplinary programs, international degree programs, and inter-institutional arrangements with universities in other countries as well as domestically.

n. Provide current and affordable student housing with programs and services that support student success.