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The Information Technology Committee meets monthly to develop and monitor the implementation of the strategic plan for improvements to the university's information technology systems and infrastructure. It is chaired by the Chief Information Officer. Other members of this committee include the three Vice Presidents, the Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Auxiliary Services, the Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Success, one academic dean, the Dean of Library Services, the Director of Analysis, Planning and Assessment, the chair of the Faculty Senate Information Technology Committee, and one student selected by the Student Government Association, with the President as an ex-officio member. The Information Technology Committee submits a report to the University Strategic Planning Council on an annual basis (May 1st of each year), focusing on information technology planning activities for the previous year.

Contact Information Technology Committee Members

Angela Neria (Committee Chair) aneria@pittstate.edu
Mandy Witt-Aubert
Mike Gullett mgullett@pittstate.edu
Susan Johns Smith sjohnssmith@pittstate.edu
Tyler Posteric
Sonya Bhakta sbhakta@gus.pittstate.edu
Paul Grimes paul.grimes@pittstate.edu
David Bunnell dbunnell@pittstate.edu
Bill Ivy wivy@pittstate.edu
Dr. Patricia Lindley plindley@pittstate.edu
Tim Thomas tthomas@pittstate.edu
Tracey Mussa tmussa@pittstate.edu
Barbara Herbert bherbert@pittstate.edu
Shari Brogan sbrogan@pittstate.edu
Karen Kirk kkirk@pittstate.edu
Don Hartshorn dhartshorn@pittstate.edu
Brenda Frieden bfrieden@pittstate.edu
David O'Bryan dobryan@pittstate.edu
Kendra Hardesty klhardesty@pittstate.edu