The Assessment Committee will provide ongoing data, information and recommendations on all aspects of student learning. The committee will primarily focus on assessment of student learning within the framework of the six general education goals, student learning within the major, the assessment of learning within all student support services, and the assessment of the learning environment. However, the committee will also assess student engagement with the institution and student satisfaction with the university as it relates to student learning.

The Assessment Committee will be chaired by a faculty member. Other members of this committee will include five faculty members (one from each college except for Arts and Sciences which will have two), five department chairs (one from each college except for Arts and Sciences which will have two), one representative from Library Services, one dean, the Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Auxiliary Services, the Dean of Enrollment Management and Student Success, the Director of Facilities Planning, one member from Advancement, the Assessment Coordinator, and the Director of Analysis, Planning and Assessment. The President and the Vice President for Academic Affairs will serve as ex-officio members of this committee.

The Assessment Committee will meet regularly. The Director of Analysis, Planning and Assessment will prepare the annual report (May 1st of each year). The annual report will be presented to the President, the Vice Presidents, the deans, and other members of the University community. The annual report will also be presented to the University Strategic Planning Council along with recommendations for issues to consider that affect strategic planning at the university.

Contact Assessment Committee Members

Becky Heath
Bill Ivy
Bobby Winters (Committee Chair)
Brad Hodson
Charlotte Barnett
Chuck Blatchley
Connie Malle
Don Judd
Duane Whitbeck
Heather Eckstein
Jan Smith
Janet Zepernick
Jim Sours
John Oppliger
Ken Smith
Lynn murray
Mike Kelley
Mike Neden
Mindy Cloninger
Morgan McCune
Myriam Krepps
Richard Dearth
Steve Erwin