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2015 Crimson Club Nomination Form


2014-2015 Crimson Club


2014-2015 Crimson Club


Front Row: Emely Flores, Cesar Sobrino, Danielle Ackermann, Viet Nguyen, Kiki Eigenmann, Hillary Hunsinger, Abbey Chaloupka, Stephanie Baima
Middle Row: President Steve Scott (Sponsor), Cathy Scott (Sponsor), Jake Yankovich, Jake Letner, Bailey Peak, Sydney Lemos, Jaime Dalton (Sponsor), Jamie Brooksher (Sponsor)
Back Row: Henry Thomas, Ryan Matney, Michael Giffin, Grant Davis

About Crimson Club

Crimson Club is a student organization that represents the Office of the President.  Each year university faculty and staff are invited to nominate outstanding undergraduate students for membership in the Crimson Club.  Nominated students who meet the eligibility requirements are asked to complete a written application and participate in an interview with a selection committee.  Students are chosen based on their academic, athletic, service or other outstanding contribution to the campus.  Members serve in a highly visible role, representing all students at such events as the President’s Society Dinner, receptions for international visitors, campus tours by state and federal government officials and other special events.